Meet Chris

Chris is a husband, father, progressive entrepreneur and Democrat. He is a proven leader who’s running for Governor so everyone in Florida has the opportunity to rise and lead.

Chris isn’t a professional politician — he knows politics as usual isn’t working for Florida. He’s seen an economy that leaves too many behind, a school system that doesn’t fulfill its commitment to our children, and a community more divided than ever. When Chris identifies a problem, he doesn’t stop until he’s made a plan to solve it. He’s taken on Florida’s housing crisis by launching a purpose-driven business with his brother Michael. He’s revitalized thousands of homes to make them affordable for fixed-income seniors and working families.

Chris will apply his skills as a leader and his progressive values to build a better Florida – applying new solutions to succeed where conventional solutions have failed.

By making sure wages and incomes finally start going up, ensuring educational opportunity, expanding access to affordable housing, and passing on a cleaner environment to the next generation, Chris knows Florida can take the lead.

Chris knows it’s not enough to do well — to live by his core values, he needs to do good.

Chris believes that unless he can improve people’s lives, succeeding in business doesn’t matter. Not only does Chris have a proven track record in business, he believes in investing in Florida’s youth. His foundation funds programs focused on college access and mentorship for low-income Florida students to pursue their college dreams – making it clear how Florida can thrive by investing in its people.

Chris has faith in a future for Florida where everyone can dream big, dare greatly, and succeed.

Born in Orlando, Chris is a third-generation Central Floridian. He graduated from Harvard University and earned his law degree from the University of Florida. Chris met his wife Kristen when he was 15 years old — they were high school sweethearts. Guided by their faith, Chris and Kristen are raising their three children — Charlie, Mary Grace, and Luke — to live their lives in service of others.

Now, Chris is ready to bring results and reform to the Sunshine State, and move past one-party politics to forge innovative solutions.

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“This is a special time in the history of Florida. It’s a time that calls for a different kind of candidate for public office. We need someone who can lead, who can inspire, who can think about the future.”


Linda Chapin, Former Orange County Mayor