Florida has important needs that our politicians just aren’t addressing. One-party rule in Tallahassee has left families behind — it’s time for practical ideas to lift up our economy and make it possible for Florida to take the lead.

A Fair Economy

As Governor, Chris will encourage a fair economy for all Floridians. With well-paying jobs disappearing, Florida needs to raise the minimum wage and create jobs that can actually support families. Chris’ business has done it, and Florida can’t stay afloat unless its economy works for all and not just some.

Gender Equity

Florida can only take the lead when all its people, especially women, are treated fairly. Chris will work to protect the right to choose, end workplace discrimination, and close the pay gap, so everyone can reach their fullest potential.

Affordable Housing

Over the last decade, Chris has revitalized thousands of run-down apartments, turning them into thriving communities. Chris will put seniors and everyday Floridians first by reversing how state government has squandered affordable housing funds.


For 10 years, a bill to protect LGBTQ individuals from discrimination has been in the Florida legislature waiting to be passed. As Governor, Chris will make sure that bill is passed so every Floridian has equal protection under the law.

Our Environment

Climate change is bad for our future and bad for our economy. Despite rising sea levels, an imperiled everglades, and crisis-level algae blooms, Tallahassee leaders continue to advance policies that fail to protect our environment. Chris believes we must act now. Florida’s beauty must be preserved for future generations.

Health Care

No one should have to go to the ER for routine health care. Even though nearly 2.6 million Floridians have no health insurance, Tallahassee turned away federal funds that would have provided low-cost preventative care and expanded healthcare access, all while creating thousands of jobs.

Homegrown Jobs

Tallahassee has showered incentives on out-of-state corporations that pay low wages and export most of their profits. As a progressive entrepreneur, Chris knows we need to refocus on homegrown businesses that create jobs and prosperity here at home.


Chris sees how Tallahassee leaders have used public office for private gain while letting Florida’s economy decline. It’s time to extend bans on lobbying by former public officials, keep them from getting extra pay-outs, and force government out of the dark and back into the sunshine.

Workforce Training

In a rapidly changing economy, many workers are finding it nearly impossible to find a job that can support a family. Chris has a plan for new institutes located and administered in our state’s community college system to equip workers with career-ready skills and connect them to well-paying jobs.

Affordable College

Kids strive for the opportunity to follow their dreams and employers want more educated workers, yet higher education is unaffordable for too many Floridians. Chris’ college access program has built a model for students to graduate without crushing debt, pursue their careers and energize our communities.

Veterans & Military

Our service men and women risk their lives for our country, and they deserve the absolute best health care and career resources when they return home. Chris will work to improve support services for our veterans and military families.